Why you should consider trying one of our male massage therapists

If you have been a client of Redwood Massage for awhile, you may have noticed that our ratio of male to female massage therapists has increased.
This is a profession comprised of 80-90% females, and for various reasons, both men and women tend to prefer women massage therapists. That tendency is thankfully changing, and for good reason.
We fully respect the right of each client to choose the therapist they feel most comfortable with, considering such factors as experience, training, gender or style of work.
Most readers already know and have had massages by female massage therapists, so let’s discuss the types of male therapists we choose to join the team at Redwood Massage & Sauna.
The most successful male massage therapists gravitate towards sports and clinical massage – combining expertise, strength and analytical problem solving skills to provide caring, goals oriented massage.
In addition, while many female massage therapists are strong enough for the vast majority of clients, men are generally stronger and have the added advantage of larger hands and more weight to leverage.
All of the massage therapists who provide services at Redwood Massage uphold the highest level of professional standards and are trained to make sure that each client feels comfortable and relaxed during every session. All are certified by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC). CAMTC certification is the only state recognized regulation in California.
So…if you want a “serious massage” that has lasting effects, not just a basic rubdown, try one of our male therapists for a change.