As an avid cyclist, runner, and tri athlete my body constantly needs a massage work. I discovered Redwood Massage about 10 years ago and have been going there ever since. They have a fantastic line-up of experienced massage therapists who are excellent at what they do. their extended evening hours works perfect for my busy schedule and it’s really easy and convenient to book an appointment online throught their online booking system. My body always thanks me for coming into Redwood Massage!

Paul R.

I have been going to Redwood Massage & Sauna for several years and think it’s absolutely terrific! I love the friendly, casual atmosphere and clean, comfortable facilities. I’ve seen seven or eight different therapists over the years and they’ve all been great — particularly Betty! Hal and Beverly are very kind people and truly run a first class business. Very highly recommended!!!

Kevin B

I have been a client of Redwood Massage and Sauna for so many years, I cannot remember when I first dropped in. Ten years? Fifteen years? Twenty ? The staff has always been quite professional. All the masseuses seem well trained and practice many different modalities.

Two things place Redwood Massage and Sauna above the rest. Most importantly to me, when you purchase a sixty minute massage, you receive a sixty minute massage. There is no late arrival from the masseuse; there is no shuffle of sheets and adjustments of the table. The full sixty minutes is massage time. For those of us who have had “sixty minute” massages start late, interrupted, delayed by phone calls, we could not appreciate the value of the Redwood staff more.
Secondly, the practitioners value input. If you need more intense pressure, ask and you have it. If you need specific areas addressed, ask and you have it.
From the front desk on the way in to the front desk on the way out, the staff obviously cares about the experience you have when make yourself available for a therapeutic massage.

Bill Gorgas

I have been getting massages from Redwood Massage and Sauna for at least 6 years now and I am so impressed with all the massage therapists. They always adjust their pressure to suit my needs and always ask if there are any problem areas that should focus on. My husband buys me the package deals as gifts throughout the year which is just perfect, so I almost always have a massage on the books. By far the best place for a good massage!

Sandy Raskin

All I can say about Redwood Massage and the management. The Best in the Bay Area.

Jasper Nagra

I have been going to Redwood Massage and Sauna for over a year and have found every massage therapist there to be excellent. They know how to cater the massage to my specific needs – I have never been disappointed. They always have availability when I need it given the number of therapists available. Redwood Massage is a hidden gem – it is wonderful

Lisa B

I have been coming to Redwood Massage for at least 6 years now. I can always make an appointment easily, even on the same day. The massages always start on time, last the full time promised, and I love that the extras (hot stones, paraffin, etc.) are always available, even when I forget to request them in advance. Now, with the online scheduling, it is even easier. I have seen many of the therapists at Redwood Massage and they are all great. I know that no matter who I schedule with, I will be completely relaxed when I leave. The prices are easy on the budget and they run specials throughout the year.

Ann Lucero

I can count on Redwood Massage for real bodywork that relieves aches and soothes pains. Every therapist on the team delivers the highest level of satisfaction. It’s good to know that so scheduling is never a problem.

Debra B.

I have been going to Redwood Massage and Sauna for the past three years and consistently have a great experience there. The spa is clean, well kept, and the therapists are always friendly and well qualified. The rates are reasonable and I always leave more relaxed than when I arrived. I will continue to use them for my future massage and sauna needs

Mark B.

I’ve been getting regular therapeutic massages biweekly for the last 20 years. When I moved to the SF Bay area a few years ago, I tried a number of different Spas and independent massage therapists. None of them fit my need. They were either overpriced or did not deliver a good massage. But then I found Redwood Massage and Sauna. The staff and facility are wonderful. Their purpose is primarily to offer excellent, affordable massages. The owners Hal and Beverly are very dedicated to their mission. I’ve had massages from two of the therapists and both are fantastic. I highly recommend you treat yourself to a relaxed, healthy massage at Redwood Massage and Sauna.

Chris A.

My husband and I have been going to Redwood Massage for over 10 years. Bev and Hal run a great place and have a great variety of qualified massage therapists, whether you are looking for deep tissue or just a relaxing massage you can find it at Redwood Massage. The facilities are clean and well maintained. I highly recommend them and like to support our local businesses.

Sheila and Niall

I enjoy visiting Redwood Massage. I’m always greeted by a smile and orchids. The whole staff is very professional and pleasant. The saunas are beautiful and the artwork on the walls is relaxing. I find the whole experience to be just perfect for getting a real therapeutic massage. I’d whole heartily recommend them to anyone who’s serious about wanting a professional, therapeutic massage. Thank you.

Robin Wolfe

Over the many years I’ve been getting massages, I’ve never found a place as good as Redwood Massage. There is a world of a difference between the professional, caring service I get at Redwood Massage, and anything else. Their therapists are truly the kindest, well trained and experienced people I’ve had working on me, so I happily keep coming back. In addition, setting up an appointment is very convenient. On the internet, I can see which massage therapists are available, and if none of my favorites are there for a last minute appointment, I look forward to getting to know someone new

Krasimir S.

I love Redwood Massage & Sauna! No frills, good prices, easy to book appointments and the best massage therapists ever!

Kasey H.