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Speak up to get the perfect massage

How to get the perfect massage – speak up about what you like, and dislike:

Have you ever gone to a new hairdresser, doctor, personal trainer, or had a new coach for your team? Chances are, the first session was not the best.

As they get to know your hair, body, style, etc. better, and with the building of trust and communication, you should become a team, assuring the best results.

The same is true with a massage therapist. The massage therapist brings their skills, knowledge and experience, but like a hairdresser, physician, coach, they are not mind-readers. With time their ability to “dial in” to your needs will improve.

No matter where you go for a massage, you should be in the habit of speaking up – if the room is too warm or too cold, the therapist talks too much or on topics you don’t care for, the face rest or table is not comfortable, the music, or quiet is not what you like – everything should be able to be adjusted to your preferences, The same holds true with pressure and techniques.

Certain skills as a massage therapist take time and practice, just like a sport or musical ability. The ability to listen to you is also crucial, as well as your willingness to share feedback. Personally, I appreciate a client who lets me know exactly what they do and don’t like in a massage, what their goals and needs are for the session, and who feel comfortable to let me know if I can do something better or differently.

If you have spoken up and still feel uncomfortable, you should end the massage and let the therapist know why.