Regular Rates – (Rates may vary*)
30 Minutes: $50
45 Minutes: $70
60 Minutes: $90
90 Minutes: $135

Chair Massage – $1 per minute maximum of 20 minutes
*The massage therapists are independent practitioners who set their own prices. The above are the prices most commonly charged.

How do our rates compare? For one thing, we charge for the time you are on the table receiving a massage, not for undressing and dressing and discussing your health history and goals. We also do not rush you off the table as soon as the massage is finished – you can take your time getting up, and showers are always complimentary before or after the massage. 

One of the major franchises requires a year long contract of one massage a month. You can also look at it this way – if you pay the same or similar for a 50 minutes massage that you can get elsewhere for 60 minutes, the lost 10 minutes each time adds up so that at the end of the year would have lost 2 full 60 minute massages if you come once a month. And, with longer breaks between clients, our massage therapists are not too tired to provide you with the excellent massage you expect.

  • Gift Certificates

Certificates and pre-paid packages never expire – use them yourself or give as gifts.
If bought online – in the item “note to seller option box” just state if you want the gift certificate mailed or emailed and the name of the recipient. If emailed, the recipient will sign for the gift  that is saved under their name in our book.

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Note: tips are optional and we only offer these options for those who choose to add tips to gift certificates–they are not suggestions or expectations.

Sauna Rates
Sauna Without Massage $40.00 per hour (per person)
Sauna With Massage $20.00 per hour (per person)
Please call for appointment.