A Message for Massage Therapists

Why you should get your massages at Redwood Massage & Sauna and why you may want to consider working here.
What makes our massage therapists so special?
The massage professionals who provide services at this establishment are independent business owners who contract for various support services of their choice, such as use of a clean, spacious room with the most comfortable electric tables, access to saunas and showers, and linen and receptionist services. The rooms have satellite radios so you and your client can choose the music you want. As a self-employed massage therapist for 40 years, I have always appreciated that the type of work I could do was between me and my client. I never had to follow a corporate “formula” massage. Instead of using products dictated by an employer I could chose from my own selection of oils, lotions and creams based on the massage techniques being used, client’s skin type and preference. Each session could be customized according to the clients’ goals, not based on some arbitrary “menu” of massage types that may and may not be ideal for the person on the table.
In my experience, massage therapists who have this type of “freedom of creativity” last longer in the profession and love their work more.
By trading with co-workers, having a library of educational DVD’s, books and journals to learn from, the therapists can take care of their own bodies while learning and keeping up with advances in the profession.
In this era of having to compete with large corporate owned franchises run by business managers who rarely understand massage, high end spas offering a standardized “pampering” experience rather than goal oriented therapy, and low end “foot massage” businesses often staffed by untrained people, it is more difficult than ever to build a clientele as a sole provider. Too many self-employed massage therapists, in desperation, resort to daily deals, being paid too little for a sustainable living.

At Redwood Massage & Sauna, you have the ability to work as you like, when you like, be treated as a professional, and have marketing and support services provided for you if you so choose, so you can focus on your work. The environment is friendly, non-competitive and the most fun place you can work at. Let us help you build a clientele while you build your skills and income.