Finding a Good Massage

So many choices – how can you find a good massage?

At its’ most basic, massage can be defined as a skillful manipulation of the soft tissues of the body.

Touch is the most natural interaction between living beings. Everyone can, and should touch and be touched. Many studies have demonstrated the adverse effects of touch deprivation on birds, animals and people alike, especially during the early years, but also in times of stress, illness, and while aging. Of course when we massage our loved ones, it may not be skillful or applied with any knowledge, but then again you’re not paying your spouse or kids. To massage friends and loved ones, you need only care and know what feels good.

Just as you ask questions of another professional, such as a doctor, lawyer or contractor, to make sure that they are well trained and capable of providing the services you expect, you should check out the business where you are considering getting massages and the individual massage therapist.

Massage therapists should be well-trained, in theory, technique, the life sciences (anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, etc), hygiene, contraindications (regions and reasons to be cautious), as well as ethics, and professionalism. Entry level education should be in class, with adequate supervised practice ideally including clinics and externships.

If you found a business charging an unbelievably low price, it just may be that you will get what you pay for. Often what you receive will be a standard routine by an untrained or poorly trained person who may not even speak your language. Wouldn’t you like to know that your massage therapist can design a session specifically to meet your goals, adjusting for personal preferences, relevant healthcare history and injuries? Is the business owner in site, or is the business just another investment of a hands-off owner?

Maybe you prefer massages more often – half the price, twice the massages. But what about more long lasting benefits without possibly being injured by someone who doesn’t know and maybe doesn’t even care what they are doing?

At Redwood Massage and Sauna, we strive to have a well -rounded team of committed professionals to serve you. We encourage you to read the therapist profiles on our website and to call or email if you have any questions before you come in. Any of us, or management, will be happy to take a few minutes before you book an appointment to listen to your needs and goals and recommend the most appropriate massage therapists.

We enjoy working cooperatively, placing you, our client first, when we schedule appointments. Feel free to ask for our advice at any time in choosing a massage therapist for your general or specific needs.