1. We are a dedicated massage and sauna facility and our focus is Health and Fitness via Therapeutic Massage. If you think of massage as pampering and like the spa type of environment you may not like the simplicity of our office.
2. We are proud to be small and locally owned. We actively support Redwood City businesses and local schools and non-profits. Studies have shown that money spent locally stays in the community much longer. While things may not always be exactly the same many people prefer the unique character of individually owned neighborhood businesses. Read More
3. We have been in continuous business, close to downtown and within walking distance of the Sequoia Caltrain station and convenience to both 101 and 280. Our clients love the convenience! Come from work, relax in a sauna and shower before the massage, sauna again afterwards to slowly come back to your senses.

Most people either don’t notice the train or they enjoy the occasional whirr or whistle as the train passes. If you don’t like the possibility that you may hear a train, please let us know when you book. Caltrain will soon be electrifying the tracks which will make the train even quieter.
Still not sure?
Beverly May has been a Massage Therapist for over 30 years and has many thousand hours of training and experience. Either Beverly or one of the other massage therapists here will be happy to provide you with a complementary consultation. We will recommend the Massage Therapist most suited to meet your goals.