NOTE:  We are open for massage but until we restore staff levels will have limited availability for massages.  To book an appointment, if you do not see a time slot on the schedule page please call or text. Currently only Gail, Betty, Carey and Beverly are available and we do not work on the weekend.  Private saunas are available only with a massage for the time being. Please stay healthy and safe.

Types Of Massages

  • Orthopedic or clinical massage

    Usually involves more systemized problem solving than other types of massage,...

  • Trigger point massage

    also called neuromuscular therapy – works to release areas of adhesions in...

  • Sports Massage

    this can be any type of massage applied in a soothing manner...

  • Deep tissue massage

    deep tissue refers to the deeper layers of soft tissue – muscle,...

  • Soft tissue massage

    “Soft” has nothing to do with the amount of pressure used. ...

  • Swedish massage

    Five basic strokes are used, and you will see these same strokes...


    Is it deep massage or deep tissue?

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    Benefits of shopping locally

    San Mateo County harbors many great independent and locally owned businesses, Redwood Massage & Sauna...

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    A Message for Massage Therapists

    Why you should get your massages at Redwood Massage & Sauna and why you may...

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Redwood Massage & Sauna is an awesome place to get a massage. The therapists are very professional and can heal your muscle aches. On a scale of 1-10, I rate this company a 10.

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