Types Of Massages

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    Orthopedic or clinical massage

    Usually involves more systemized problem solving than other types of massage,...

  • thai

    Thai massage

    thoroughly incorporates elements of gentle rocking, deep stretching, elaborate point work and...

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    Trigger point massage

    also called neuromuscular therapy – works to release areas of adhesions in...


    Hot Stone Massage

    Any style of massage using hot rocks as tools to warm and...

  • Orthopedic-or-clinical-massage

    Sports Massage

    this can be any type of massage applied in a soothing manner...

  • DeepT

    Deep tissue massage

    deep tissue refers to the deeper layers of soft tissue – muscle,...

  • Trigger-point-massage

    Soft tissue massage

    “Soft” has nothing to do with the amount of pressure used. ...

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    Swedish massage

    Five basic strokes are used, and you will see these same strokes...


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    Is it deep massage or deep tissue?

    Ever wonder what the difference is between a deep massage and deep tissue massage –...

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    Rewards programs versus memberships:

    At Redwood Massage & Sauna, we prefer to leave control in your hands. If you...

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    Why We Don't Participate in Daily Deals

    Truthfully- we just don’t like the model that these businesses are based on.
    Those deals...

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